Cow Pie Bingo FAQ

Join us for Cow Pie Bingo on Saturday, April 28th at the Monroe Fairgrounds from 2-4pm for a great time and a great way to make a difference for some of  Monroe’s greatest kids!  Please check out our FAQ below!!

What is Cow Pie Bingo?  Cow Pie Bingo is a fun and unique raffle-style fundraiser.  A field (in this case, the fairgrounds) is marked off into a grid with a number in each square.  This grid is our bingo board.  Participants buy a square for $20.  A cow is released onto the grid and lays a pie.  The person who purchased whatever square the pie lands in wins $1,000.

How much are the tickets?  What is the prize?  Tickets are $20 per square.  The prize is $1,000.

Can you buy more than one ticket?  Yes!

Do you have to be present to win?  No.  Each ticket has a tear-off stub with a place for your information.  The seller of the ticket will keep this stub.  If you win and are not present, we will contact you using the information you provided when you bought the ticket.

How large will the grid be?  Each square will be approximately 1 foot by 1 foot.

How many cows will be used?  There will be one cow.  If the cow has not laid a pie within the allotted time, a ticket number will be drawn at random by our judges.

Who will determine where the winning square is?  A panel of three judges, including Sherriff Joe Chapman.

What if the cow doesn’t lay a pie?  Our judges will draw a ticket number at random if the cow does not lay a pie within the allotted time.

What bands will be there?  County Line and The Bourbon Cowboys.

What types of kids activities will be available?  Face painting, games, and a petting zoo featuring farm animals will all be there.  All kids activities are FREE.

What type of concessions will you have?  We will have Chick-fil-a sandwiches available for $2, drinks for $1, and assorted sweets for $.50.



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